Selected Works of Mao Tse-tung: Vol. II

The Period of the War of Resistance Against Japan

Policies, Measures and Perspectives for Resisting the Japanese Invasion (July 23, 1937)

I. Two Policies
II. Two Sets of Measures
III. Two Perspectives
IV. Conclusion

For the Mobilization of All the Nation's Forces for Victory in the War of Resistance (August 25, 1937)

Combat Liberalism (September 7, 1937)

Urgent Tasks Following the Establishment of Kuomintang-Communist Cooperation (September 29, 1937)

Interview with the British Journalist James Bertram (October 25, 1937)

The Communist Party of China and the War of Resistance
The War Situation and Its Lessons
The Eighth Route Army in the War of Resistance
Capitulationism in the War of Resistance
Democracy and the War of Resistance

The Situation and Tasks in the Anti-Japanese War After the Fall of Shanghai and Taiyuan (November 12, 1937)

I. The Present Situation Is One of Transition from a War of Partial Resistance to a War of Total Resistance
II. Capitulationism Must Be Combated Both Inside the Party and Throughout the Country

Inside the Party, Oppose Class Capitulationism
In the Country as a Whol